An incredible treasure trove of costumes, awards, and deeply random ephemera from the estate of our dearly departed Queen of The Night, Whitney Houston, is going up for auction in Beverly Hills on June 24th and 25th. There are custom mink-lined D&G pedal pushers! And commemorative Bodyguard letter openers! And partially colored coloring books! The selection ranges from the intensely mundane (a literal receipt), to the iconic (her Bobby Brown wedding dress), to the sacred (her Michael Jackson-signed 'Captain EO' poster).

When you think about the people that buy celebrity memorabilia, you think Museums, then Hard Rock Cafés, then rich sociopaths that like to pretend to pay for meals with Kurt Cobain's credit card, then the super fans. After reviewing the contents of this auction, my question is, why aren't WE buying celebrity memorabilia for ourselves and each other? And I'm not even talking about the big ticket items. Can you imagine your surprise and delight if that special someone in your life surprised you with Whitney Houston's Japanese work visa? What could possibly top that?

"Happy Anniversary honey, I got you Whitney Houston's clip-on earrings from the 'My Name is Not Susan' video." This feels right to me. Whitney may have sang that The Greatest Love of All is inside of us, but I would make the counter-argument that the greatest love of all is to be inside Whitney Houston's 1988 leather 'Nippy' jacket.

Check out our favorite items from the auction below...

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