You've cast your ballot. You've reminded all your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, strangers on the subway train about how terribly important it is that they vote today. You've artfully Instagrammed your "I voted" sticker. You've frantically checked FiveThirtyEight to watch the prediction slider move incrementally higher and lower throughout the day. Your blood pressure is already through the roof and hyperventilating into a paper bag--and polls haven't even started closing yet.

Take a deep breath. Now, hard as it may be, you need to relax. PAPER's crack team of internet specialists have compiled their favorite soothing, cathartic videos, memes, gifs, and pictures to help you master that uncontrollable tic of your eye and hold off the panic sweats as we wait for the leader of the free world to be declared. Scroll below and find a little bit of internet nirvana, far from the election circus.

Chill out Simpsons-wave style.

Our true leader.

Take a break with play time at Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

Beautiful, beautiful fish.

Hypnotic and iconic.

Maybe rate some dogs

An army of Poms.




Revisit this gem of a woman.

Tap into those latent worries.

You can do it, Sophie!


Life is like a bowl of salad...hurtling towards the future.

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