12 Photos of Dogs Wearing Turtlenecks


Papermag.com was down for about five hours today, which, while totally nerve-wracking, also left us with plenty of time to do nothing but look up photos of dogs wearing turtlenecks. Keep in mind that we were looking for unique looks while putting this roundup together, and not just a bunch of photos of your run-of-the-mill turtleneck dog sweaters.
Poodle in a turtleneck with smart blazer (aka Rocky Balboa from Saturday Night Live's "Dog Show" skit.). Photo via Papermag Twitter follower @JemimaPaloczi

Arty cable knit shot. (Via SusanMarie2s' Flickr.)


Dog dressed as Steve Jobs. (via Madeinslant)

Straight chilling in olive green on some rocks. (Photo via Charliecloset on Etsy)

Just a collar. (Photo via caitlanpulcher on Etsy)

Stripes. (Via Sjmcdonough's Flickr)

Italian Greyhound Leopard Fleece Turtleneck by RebelWear. (Photo via Etsy.)

Tech turtleneck by Hoverfly. (Photo via Etsy and Flickr.)

Sporty, pensive. (Photo via Hatz4bratz on Etsy)

Young pup in baby blue. (Photo via trrpngirl's Flickr account.)

Vintage dog in turtleneck. (Photo via Miss Retro Modern's Flickr account.)

Classic cherry red. (Photo via nicnacpaddywack on Etsy)


Johnny Depp in a turtleneck, holding a dog and wearing two watches.

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