More than 100 celebrities have joined together in patriotism and ego, alike, to use their influence to help topple Trump's theoretical fascist regime.

The extensive A-list posse--calling themselves United Against Hate (through a letter to Mic, articulating their dedication to "use the power of our voice and the power of our vote to defeat Donald Trump and the hateful ideology he represents."

They continued...

When dangerous and divisive leaders have come to power in the past, it has been in part because those of goodwill failed to speak out for themselves or their fellow citizens. Some of us come from the groups Trump has attacked. Some of us don't. But as history has shown, it's often only a matter of time before the 'other' becomes me.

Some of the famous cosigners include Lena Dunham, Mark Ruffalo, Shonda Rimes, Kerry Washington, Julianne Moore, Adam McKay, Neil Patrick Harris, Olivia Wilde, Julia Stiles, Third Eye Blind, KATHLEEN TURNER, Meg Ryan (!!!!), Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, Russell Simmons, and many, many more.


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