10 Things That Are Orange, Red and Yellow -- But Don't Cost 87 Million Dollars

When we heard that Mark Rothko's "Orange, Red, Yellow" (1961) sold for a whopping $87 million last night at Christie's, breaking the record for the highest amount paid for a piece of contemporary art, we thought we'd sniff out some other things you can buy that are orange, red and yellow -- but are a little less than $87 million. Here you go.

1. This bowling ball. ($59.99)

2. Happy Socks. ($12)

3. This dress. ($59)

4. This Fresh Direct rainbow pepper pack. ($4)

5. A California Pizza Kitchen Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza. ($13.75)

6. Eva Rider Jacket ($200)

7. Garfield and Odie salt & pepper shakers. ($12.99)

 8. New Balance sneakers. ($57.86)

9. A Sex on the Beach cocktail. (prices vary)

10. This T-shirt ($15.40)

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