In case you've been living under a rock for the past 48 hours, allow this to be your PSA that the whole world has imploded with pole-dancing, pug-faced avatars rapping in Chinese.

Thanks to tech company Huanshi Ltd., the newly viral "MyIdol" app will fulfill all your creepy and inventive photobooth dreams. The free app, now only available for iPhones, creates a lifelike avatar from whatever image you feed it. You can take a new photo via the built-in camera or choose a preexisting one (which gives you the power to tackle bigwig artistry by uploading saved photos of Beyoncé or Jay-Z). Then the fun part: within the scores of hair/makeup/clothing options the app gives you, feel free to wax and pluck and dress to your wildest desires. The catch? Literally everything is in Chinese. Not to fret, though -- the iTunes listing promises an English version coming soon. It also offers a how-to guide to avoid the random button-clicking, but you'll probably find that random button clicking both A) sometimes wields the result you wanted and B) takes you on many meaningful adventures. Consider MyIdol the 3D, Dancing Baby version of Bitmoji.

From tween James Franco to fuck boi Obama to adult baby Justin Bieber, we've broken down ten reasons why MyIdol is our new favorite app. Keep scrolling to take a look at our masterpieces. 

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