Since the holiday season is the perfect time to invest in a pair of elastic waistband pants and indulge a little, we can't think of more perfect stocking stuffers or Hanukkah presents than gourmet candies, sea salt and other tasty items. PAPER's Kim Hastreiter rounds up ten of her top picks.

1) QUIN fresh fruit lollipops, $7.50 via QUIN

2) Askinosie pepermint bark, $30.00 for a large box via Askinosie

3) 1958 Raymond Loewy Coquelle Le Creuset limited release, $375.00 via Le Creuset

4) Breads Bakery chocolate babka, $12.95 via Breads Bakery

5) June Taylor Meyer Lemon and Rosemary Marmalade, $15.00 via June Taylor Jams

6) Healdsburg SHED fresh-ground polenta, $10.00 via Healdsburg SHED

7) A six-month subscription to Zingerman's Forbidden Food Club, $650.00 via Zingerman's

8) Jacobsen Salt Co. salty caramels and salty black licorice, $25.95 via Jacobsen Salt Co.

9) Boulettes Larder smoked sea salt, $10.00 via Boulettes Larder

10) Marin Sun Farms short rib dog bones, $2/piece for short rib bones via Marin Sun Farms' Oakland Butcher Shop (5655 College Ave., Oakland, CA)

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