1. James Franco Book Club Tote Bag

This tote makes it easy and convenient to hide carry around all of James Franco's novels, poetry collections, etc that you totally own.

2. "Sylvia Plath Kicks Metaphorical Ass" Literary Poster Print
The OG member of the Sad Girls Club

3. 90's Pop Divas - A Mini Coloring Book

Coloring books are books too! From Vitamin C to Aaliyah, this zine is a crash course in '90s pop nostalgia.

4. Library Card Notebooks

Remember the good ol' days when checking out a book from the library required a stamp and actual human contact? Me neither.

5. Book Worm Sweater Brooch Set

The librarian-chic look isn't complete without a pair of cat eye frames and dapper sweater clips.

6. Ernest Hemingway Onsie

For the bookish baby who is soooo over Dr. Seuss.

7. Ampersand Scarf

A pashmina ode to the ampersand. Without this character-saving ligature, so many great tweets would go untweeted.

8. Colorful 1980s Deadstock Vintage Eyeglasses

Lets face it, even if you have perfect vision, reading is ~30% more fun with cute glasses.

9. Trashy Romance Novel Scented Candle
We all have our guilty pleasures. For some, it's Ke$ha and for others, it's sniffing candles that smell like trashy romance novels.

10. Björk "Debut" Album as Penguin Books Poster

Penguin needs to give Björk a book deal ASAP.

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