10 Etsy Finds: Sad Girls and Pop-Tart Phones

by Hazel Cills
From paper lamp shades to eye-balled covered clutches, here's 10 of our favorite Etsy picks of the week.

This bag sees ALL!

This beautiful, sculpted chevron knit necklace is really special.

Though we can't entirely explain why, this cat illustration has us smitten. It's...looking at us?

Sad Girls is an eco-friendly zine featuring work by "girls who make things and have lots of feelings." It's beautiful and we're into it. 

These ombre tights are absolutely perfect for those days when we can't decide if we want to try out a funkier hose color or just stick with basic black.

For the tiny tot in your life! Or, maybe you are a tiny tot? If so, you're really cool reading PAPERMAG right now.

Because of course you want your phone to look like a Pop Tart! It may be made of felt, but it still looks good enough to eat.

These super 70's graphic bowls by Nicole Porter are really cool and look like they could be something out of The Jetsons. 

This watermelon wrist bag is so perfect for summer. If, you know, summer would just get here already?

These paper lampshades that look like flowers are so cool!

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