10 Etsy Finds: Rotary Phone Pouch and Game of Thrones Coloring Books

By Hazel Cills
1. Rotary Phone Pouch

A cute little purse with a retro vibe. 

We're too old for colori-OH MY GOD, a Game of Thrones coloring book?! We take it back, we take it all back. Team Art's unique coloring books include themes like boy bands, dogs and, uh, Jon Hamm? Sold!

From the line's geometric collection, this minimalist and elegant necklace features unglazed porcelain and sterling silver and gold chains.

Julia Pott's cute animal illustrations come in temporary tat form. Yay!

Who knew seaweed could look so pretty? 

A little Salvador Dali action for your everyday button-up.

A rich berry color with a hint of rose geranium oil from eco-friendly, new-age indie brand Fat & The Moon.

Cool color-blocked leather straps with antique gold closures to help you complete that "arm candy" look all the Cool Kids are doing these days.

Love this adorable zine that features drawings by Sandi Falconer and Caitlin Murphy of their favorite snacks. 

This simple but beautiful pointed ring is made out of polished brass metal and is handmade to order.

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