10 Etsy Finds: Mythical Pet Rocks and Ron Swanson Embroidery

by Hazel Cills

These "pet rock" necklaces come in stones like amethyst, turquoise, pyrite and more. With each stone symbolizing a different mythical healing power, they'd make great gifts. 

Indie Canadian fashion glossie Worn Fashion Journal focuses on the history, construction and culture surrounding fashion and clothing instead of mainstream trends and designers.

Awww, look at the lil' kitty readin' a book! A precious tote for holding all your toteables.

Oh, bitch pleeeease... *eye roll*

LANVIN? More like, IN VAIN. In fashion, narcissism is always in.

Keep your trendy electronics safe in style! This bird- and floral-printed leather iPad case does just the charm.

Send the person you really care about this cute but unconventional birthday card "bag" that comes complete with a small card and golden unicorn. 'Cause who doesn't want a unicorn?

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