Zac Posen's Mousketeers

I loved Zac Posen's show last night. I thought it was one of the most focused shows he's done to date. His girls looked fab in their little Minnie Mouse pom-pom hairdos and bright red M.A.C lips. My favorites were his bejeweled underpants and garters which you could see through his sheer dresses. Really cute. I know Minnie Mouse wears pretty shoes but Zac's shoes really gave the girls a hard time as they tripped and ankle twisted their way down the catwalk. Check out how tipsy they were! Karen Elson even fell in her Dior-inspired fairy gown. Speaking of Dior, I sat next to Bill Cunningham who informed me that Zac's fabulous backdrop made of piled-up gold chairs was a tip of the hat to a backdrop that Christian Dior himself had once created in the '50s. Click here for more pix.

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