Your New Addiction: The Random Oscar Winner Generator

by Elizabeth Thompson

Meet your favorite new time waster via Time Magazine: A genius Best Picture winner generator, which creates an Oscar-worthy storyline with each new click. The generator is based on an algorithm that analyzed 254 best-picture nominees. It's amazing.

Here's Jonah Hill talking about being framed for stinking up a bathroom on an airplane in front of a girl he was hitting it off with. Womp womp. You're an Oscar nominee now, Jonah, so, yeah. [Reddit]

Hi! Hi! Hi!HiiiiiI! Hi! Hi!!! Hi! HIIIIIIIIIIIiii. [Mlkshk]

From College Humor's "Honest Titles for 2014's Oscar Nominated Movies."

This is a work of art. [Mlkshk]

Happy Friday, from a video of a cat grooming a baby. [TasteullyOffensive]

Weekend, weekend weekend! [FYouNoFMe]

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