UPDATE: Young Thug Has a New Name--But Maybe Not for Long

Claire McCartney

UPDATE, 8/16/16:

All good things must pass, and so it will be with No, My Name Is Jeffrey.

Last night, on Travis Scott's .Wav radio show on Beats 1, Jeffrey announced that his name change could be very short-lived.

"I'm Jeffrey for one fucking week," he said. "If I don't sell 100,000 copies..."

Perhaps if he reaches the 100K goal, we can continue the Jeffrey momentum.


It's kind of hard to believe this one will last. Young Thug, the outgoing Atlanta rapper known for his eccentric style and high, nasally flow, is officially changing his name to something that's somehow at once both difficult to remember and impossible to forget.

300 Entertainment founder Lyon Cohen, who frequently works with the rapper, broke the news on the Rap Radar podcast, saying, "Young Thug is not going to be Young Thug anymore. His new name is going to be 'No, My Name is Jeffery.'"

Cohen offered no clear explanation for the change, but did add, "It's a circular thing, it's important. 'No, My Name is Jeffery' is on its way. Please respect us to actually segue and utilize his name going forward because it's important."

No, My Name is Jeffery only sounds strange until the shock wears off and the strange logic becomes apparent, much like everything about Thugger himself. His new declarative name-statement may be the most straightforward thing about him.

To be fair, his birth name is actually Jeffery, and he did previously tell GQ that if he ever changed his rap name, it'd be to Jeff the Rapper – his little niece's name for him.

The announcement came a day before the rapper formerly known as Young Thug's 25 th birthday, August 16. It's also the day that his new mixtape, Jeffery will drop, which N,MNIJ revealed on Instagram along with a handwritten track list.

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