You Should Check Out ... White Fence's Cover of "Allison Road"

Chris Black
Welcome to You Should Check Out..., a new weekly blog in which Chris Black of Words For Young Men and Done to Death Projects tells you about something he really likes and that he thinks you'll like too. Follow him on Twitter at @donetodeath.

Earlier this summer Aquarium Drunkard posted the 10th installment of their "Lagniappe Sessions," where in some of their favorite artists record exclusive covers. Los Angeles-based White Fence, aka Tim Presley, did a few great covers (Nina Simone, The Strange Boys, etc...) but he really nailed it with his blissed-out 70's version of the Gin Blossoms song "Allison Road." Tim says the harmony and chord changes reminded him of the Grateful Dead and the Byrds, and I could not agree more. A great song to put on this weekend as the summer comes to an end.

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