Wu Tang Clan Took Over Milk Studios For Fashion Week Kick-Off Party

Alex Chapman
Photos by Angela Pham
Milk Studios took its party patrons on a wild ride last evening, throwing a "shotgun Vegas wedding-themed" rager that will certainly take the cake as one of Fashion Week's standout soirees. The party was filled to the brim with tiara-ridden cool kids and fashionistas, many of who took faux-wedding pics under a canopy alongside (who else) an Elvis impersonator while the ever-amazing Venus XX spun songs like "Who Da Neighbors" by Juicy J. Soon enough, Lissy Trullie hit the stage, giving an impressive live performance (including a lovely cover of Hot Chip's "Ready For The Floor") that made us hope we see more of her musically. In between acts, many flanked to the Belevedere-run bar, which could be seen from afar thanks to the heart-shaped ice sculptures standing atop its table.

Before we knew it, downtown beauty Jenne Lombardo surfaced on stage in a short-and-sexy white wedding dress to introduce The Wu-Tang Clan (Ghostface Killah later proclaimed that Lombardo had asked for his hand in matrimony, to which the rapper happily accepted). Despite some shoddy sound equipment, the Wu put on a crazy, top-knotch performance, throwing people into an energetic frenzy a la the Odd Future gig at Alexander Wang's frat house party last season (who knew fashion folks liked rap so much?). Some guests, like model Jourdan Dunn, partied close to the action as to get a better look at the legendary hip-hop act, while others, like Waris Ahluwalia, Pamela Love, Adrian Grenier and artist Auriel Schmidt (who was rapping along to every song) stood a bit further back from the frenzy.

As the full set came to a close, Method Man (who earlier threw water on the photographers as an attempt to get them out of the front row) jumped into the masses for a hilarious crowd surf, after which he admitted to the event's guests that he was supposed to be on crutches (which a member of his entourage displayed behind him) due to an injured knee. "I don't know if y'all know what a meniscus is," Method said to the crowd with a smile, "but it ain't no joke."


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