"World's Biggest Kiki" + Glastonbury Sells Out Crazy Fast = Eight Items Or Less

Gary Pini + Abby Schreiber
1) Who's playing at Glastonbury in June 2013?  Your guess is as good as ours, since none of the acts have been announced. That didn't stop the event's UK organizers from selling all 135,000 tickets yesterday in 1 hour and 40 minutes.  At $328 each, that means a gross of $44,280,000.  But as staggering as that number is, it still didn't top the $47,313,403 gross at Coachella 2012. There was no Glastonbury in 2012 because the festival was canceled due to "lack of police caused by the Olympics." 

2) "Miami Beach reminds me of Manhattan after a nuclear war," Cat Power tells Ocean Drive magazine. "Everything is real simple. Think of the way it narrows down at the bottom end. It's like a radioactive bomb went off that made most of the people vanish. Then the water rushed in and took away a bunch of the streets." 

3) Lena Dunham just signed a book deal with Random House for $3.5 million to publish a collection of essays on topics including sex, eating, travel, and work.  [via NY Times]

4) Oh jeez. Lady Gaga's parents' restaurant, Joanne Trattoria, got hit with a "C" grade after its health inspection. Violations included "unwashed food-prep surfaces, no hand-washing facilities close to the kitchen and food placed in areas ripe for contamination." Thankfully no mention of infestation, though. [via NY Post]

5) Rosie O'Donnell wants to buy Honey Boo Boo's family a house.  [via Gossipcop]

6) Watch the "world's biggest Kiki," courtesy of a flash mob at Sydney, Australia's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. The Scissor Sisters would undoubtedly be proud. [via YouTube]

7) An alarming number of eggs produced at local urban farms in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens tested positive for "elevated levels of lead." There must be a Portlandia sketch in this. [via NY Times]

8) Cool jewelry alert! This 'waveform necklace' gets its unique shape from a recording of your voice. [via David Bizer]

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