Wizards of Waverly Place Star Jennifer Stone On Mean Girls 2 and Selena Gomez's Pranks

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The Wizards of Waverly Place's Jennifer Stone is one of the most recognizable faces on the Disney Channel. With over 6.2 million viewers, the show has a group of devoted fans that have closely followed Stone and her co-stars since the four-year-old show debuted. In tween speak, that's a lifetime. Her character, Harpie Finkle, is a quintessential friend-you-always-wanted role -- loyal, happy and positive. Most people admire qualities like these and even look for them in friends. Unless, of course, you're a mean girl,  Stone became quite familiar with these not-so-nice types in her role in Mean Girls 2, which comes out on DVD today. Since Stone, a charming Texas native, doesn't seem like she has a mean bone in her body, she was wisely cast as Abby Hanover, the target of female high school bullying. Alas, there's no Tina Fey this time around, but the film isn't short on jokes as former SNL funny man Tim Meadows reappears as principal Duvall. Here, Stone discusses bullies, Waverly Place co-star Selena Gomez's pranks and the three things she can't live without.

Tell me about your character in Mean Girls 2.
Abby, bless her heart, is public enemy number one to the Plastics. This causes her self esteem to be on the floor when you first meet her.

Do you think girls can be bigger bullies than guys?
Totally! Guys just beat the crap out of each other and move on. Girls hold grudges and take part in psychological warfare.

Who do you think is a good contemporary example of a bully?
Everyone who can comment anonymously on the Internet.

We've been told you're a big Broadway fan. What are your three favorite plays?
I am! I love a good musical! My three favorites are Next to Normal, Spring Awakening, and Into the Woods.

What was the last play you saw?
Next to Normal at the Ahmanson Theater in L.A.. I got to see Alice Ripley perform the part she originated and it was beautiful!

What's your favorite Broadway song?
It changes constantly, but right now it is "Momma Cut Me Deeper" from Things to Ruin.

What was your last download?
Ha! "Magic Carpet Ride" by Steppenwolf

What is your favorite website?
Papermag.com, of course!

What are your favorite three possessions?
My iPod, my record player and my Kindle.

What was the last thing you Googled?
The band Iron & Wine.

Tell me about working with Selena Gomez on Wizards of Waverly Place.
Well that's a vague question. I have this horrid fear of not being where I am supposed to be, when I'm supposed to be there, when it comes to work. Ms. Selena decided one day to take advantage of that and play a prank on me. I was reading in my dressing room and she rushes in screaming, "Oh my gosh, where have you been? Everyone has been looking for you!" I panicked, ran to set and of course no one was looking for me at all. My heart was beating a thousand beats a minute. She totally got me!

What three people throughout time, celebrity or not, would you invite over for a slumber party?
Helen Mirren, Beethoven, and Diane Arbus. It would be a weird-ass slumber party for sure!

Do you have any 2011 goals?
To do more of what I want to do rather than mostly doing what I am obligated to do.

What is your favorite perk that comes with being part of the Disney family?
Having a consistent job! It has been such a blessing to know I have a remotely steady job in place. Thank you Disney!

Do you have a favorite blog?
Yeah, diaryofavintagegirl.com

What are your favorite YouTube videos?
I usually watch a ton of interviews of my favorite actors on YouTube, but lately I've really enjoyed Lynn Hirschberg's screentests.

What's your favorite advice?
Everything happens for a reason. It's pretty cliche, but man is it true!

Finally, are you at all concerned about the theory that red-heads are going to go extinct?
Well as long as they keep making hair dye in shades of red, I don't know if there's much truth to that.

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