Will Banksy's Identity Be Revealed in November?

Peter Davis

I am obsessed with stencil street artist Banksy, who is not only an art sensation but an Oscar nominee for his documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop." There are so many Banksy tales and rumors (most recently his war with fellow graffiti legend King Robbo who claims to know Banksy's true identity). Like the long-anonymous fashion designer Martin Margiela, it's amazing that Banksy has managed to keep his identity concealed in the age of Twitter and digital cameras on every phone. Now with the release of journalist Marc Leverton's book Banksy Myths & Legends, many of the stories about the mystery man will be revealed as fact or fiction. Leverton spent three years researching Banksy's past from his childhood in Bristol to his international cult status today. But will he unveil who Banksy really is? Wait until the book hits Amazon in November to find out.

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