Whitney Biennial's Opening Night Party Is a Boozy, Arty Fest

Yes, it's here -- to be celebrated and to be scrutinized -- the Whitney Biennial 2008. Tuesday night I went to the preview party, which is a great occasion to congratulate, to see, to be seen, to drink and to complain a bit. But no matter what one thinks of the show, the energy is so infectiously effervescent that it's hard to be a sourpuss on this night. I give props to anyone who manages to soak in the art because most people (this one included) are too busy boozing it up and chatting up whomever's around. Here are some snaps from the affair by our "Artist Residency" photographer Aubrey Mayer and myself. So the art season in New York has officially kicked off. Now if only spring would hurry up and get here already!

Picture above: Installation by Phoebe Washburn

Rirkrit Tiravanija & Hanna Liden


Kid America & Melia Marden; Adi of Threeasfour & Ethel Park

Participant's Lia Gangitano (center); Reverend Jen & Tanya O. Deborah

Malcolm Stuart & Bec Stupak

Theodore Fivel & Michael Portnoy; Annie Ratti & Brigitte Engler

Lia Gangitano with Gang Gang Dance's Brian DeGraw, Lizzi Bougatsos & Josh Dianmond

(l-r) James Powers, Cheryl Dunn, Rita Ackerman & Rosalie Knox

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