Where's Brad Goreski's Bow-Tie? And Other Mysteries at the Prabal Gurung After-Party

Alex Catarinella

The last thing we remember from Prabal Gurung's insanely fun after-party was his/ours/everyone's favorite DJ, the Gurung-clad DJ Mia Moretti, blasting musical theater show tune gems at 3:30 a.m. -- and with us requesting "Out Tonight" from RENT. But how could you blame us after our girl amazingly served the fashion kids with some "Cabaret" by Liza with a Z?! We will no doubt be hoarse for weeks from drunk belting. (#musicaltheaterproblems).

The shindig kicked off quietly at the brand new Double Seven, but the combo of those cocktails and Moretti's penchant for everything from old school Motown to Madge and Brit Brit quickly had everyone, from Joe Zee, Brad Goreski and the designer himself, working up a dance-floor sweat. 

As a remix of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" roared, we set aside our drink for a hot sec to catch-up with Mr. Goreski -- and to, most importantly, late-night TwitPic his show-stopping chest hair. Swoon! Eat your heart out, Terry Richardson.

Alex Catarinella: What did you think of Prabal's show?
Brad Goreski:
I loved it. I feel like every season I go to see his collection, he evolves to a point past what I expect.  This season I felt like I was watching a couture show in Paris with the way that he constructed the clothes, the fabrication, the way he manipulated fabrics, the palattes. It was just amazing. 

AC: When is your new Bravo reality show premiering? What can we expect?
It's to be confirmed, but end of this year, early next year. It's about me starting out my business. It focuses more on my personal life and on my family. A lot of Bravo shows feature people who are at the top of their field and this features somebody who is known but is starting out. So it's about the ups and downs of starting your own business. 

AC: Are you planning on moving to NYC?
BG: I'm really bi-coastal. I've been doing a lot of my celebrity work out in LA but I've been shooting a lot here;

AC: What other shows are you checking out this week?
BG: Marc Jacobs, DVF, Marchesa, Simon Spurr, Michael Bastian.

AC: You've become quite the style icon. Where's your bow tie and blazer tonight? Is your style changing?
I feel like I'm known for the bow ties and glasses but I also feel like it's important to evolve past what you are known for and to keep people guessing. And no matter what it is, if I feel like having a "boy moment" like tonight, or if I feel like a rock 'n' roll moment or a minimalist moment... It's fun to play dress-up. That's what clothes are for. I love going into my closet and figuring out who I want to be for the day. 

AC:Who would be your dream girl to style?
BG: I love Emma Watson. She is super chic. I just love her whole thing. I think she's really cool. And I love Michelle Williams. She better work!
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