When You Wish Upon A DVD: Pinocchio!

May my nose grow if I'm not excited about the DVD release of Pinocchio, the beloved 1940 animated classic about a kindly wood carver named Geppetto who fashions a little boy out of wood only to find it magically brought to life the next morning (courtesy of a blue fairy). Little Pinocchio, with his “conscience” Jiminy Cricket, goes through many hair-raising adventures before becoming a real boy, and it will have you humming ‘When You Wish Upon a Star” for the rest of the week. The artistry and craft of the animation is just dazzling -- particularly during the last half when Pinocchio goes underwater to rescue Geppetto who has been swallowed by the giant whale Monstro. A beautiful, heart tugging film -- you can see why directors with father issues (like Steven Spielberg) get so bent out of shape by this one. This 70th anniversary DVD comes in a neat two-disc Blu-ray disc (but it also includes a regular DVD). The new digital restoration and tons of extras -- deleted scenes, never before seen alternate ending -- make this a must own.

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