Going to Vegas means some quality time off for most people. And what better story there is to tell your friends from your Vegas trip than the story of how you met a Golden Globe winner or a pop diva in person? While we'll leave it up to your imagination to get through the stars' security and capture their attention in the first place (remember this guy rapping to Kanye West in the street? Watch and learn), we will give you a list of places that the pop-culture legends like to visit/stay at. Here they are:

1.The 1 Oak Nightclub

Situated in the Mirage hotel, 1 Oak is where it's going down throughout the weekend . Are you over 21? Then put on your chiccest outfit and don't take no for an answer from the security until you're in. Why? Putting aside the fact that it's one of the most prestigious clubs in town and that it's situated on the casino floor (win a few hands and then dive straight into the action – how's that for a plan?), you'll get to mingle with some of the brightest Hollywood stars, like Leonardo di Caprio or Kevin Hart and pop giants like Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton or Robin Thicke. Oh, and if you want the best experience for the night, check out the variety of ongoing Vegas hotel deals before booking – you might end up saving up to 40% off your stay and spend that money on drinks at the club instead.


At TAO, you'll get everything your body and soul needs: a wonderful sushi bistro, a full body tan at the private beach across the street and, of course, one of the wildest nightclubs in the area. Seriously, parties at TAO tend to get out of control (in a good way): waitresses dressed as pinup girls, Snoop Dogg as the club's DJ and a room filled with jumping bodies. Which stars frequent TAO? To name a few, Kim and Chloe Kardashians have been spotted in the club quite a few times, along with an uprising popstar, Tinashe. Almost every event at TAO's is a rad party with a guest DJ, so make sure you're wearing comfortable footwear and clothes when going there. Oh, and if you don't wanna walk from your hotel to the club, just choose one of the hotel offers for the Venetian, the hotel TAO's situated in.

3.House of Blues

However, if you want to have a quieter evening or two with some classy music and just relax while hunting celebrities, House of Blues should be your number one consideration. It's not a nightclub where you'd omit half of your body fluids in a form of sweat; it's a place where you'll sit down behind a small round table, surrounded by cozy, tasteful decorations. Every evening there is also accompanied by some of the most popular blues musicians like Michael Grimm, Bizz Markie and Michael Starr performing on the modest stage. Keep in mind, though, that if you want to make direct contact with them, it might be more difficult to do it in a distanced environment like the House of Blues rather than in a busy nightclub.

4.N9NE Steakhouse

Don't feel like going to the show either? Well, why not grab a steak at one of the most star-beloved steakhouse in Vegas! Situated in the Palms Las Vegas hotel, this place will offer you everything from huge seafood plates to most original desserts. While at N9NE, don't be surprised to see world-famous figures such as Hugh Hefner or even Barack Obama himself (who once ate sashimi there). In the latter case, it might be a little difficult to get close, but we're sure that you'll succeed given enough enthusiasm!

5.Body English

Are you ready to experience the next level light/smoke show? Then you must take a peek inside the Hard Rock Hotel's notorious Body English nightclub. The hotel has always been notorious for their less-than-ordinary entertainment facilities, such as the sex-themed Provocateur Suite, and Body English is no different. Needless to say, stars who're looking for that extra edge for the night frequent the nightclub, too, as it's one of the most popular places in the whole Vegas.

6.The Ghostbar

For the last (but not the least) among celebrity favorite hangouts, we're going to the Palms Hotel, or, more specifically, to their rooftop Ghostbar. Situated on top of one of the tallest buildings in Las Vegas, Ghostbar is overrun by some of the most gorgeous views in the world. From the rooftop bar, you'll be able to see pretty much the whole inhabited flatland of Vegas from side to side. What better place there could be to start a chat with your favorite celebrity? I would kill for a 5 minute conversation with Will Smith, who's been seen in Ghostbar!