What's Up With This Bill Cunningham T-Shirt?

Who doesn't love this man? Barneys New York is now carrying "I <3 Bill Cunningham" t-shirts from Bowery Trucks for $65, so everyone can share their fondness for the deeply charming street-style New York Times photographer and New York fashion world fixture. To put it mildly, it's a pretty simple design, and the blue heart featured on the shirt looks like it's a nod to the robin's egg smocks Cunningham often sports. We have to say, however, that it's hard to envision the intensely private Cunningham approving his name being used for these t-shirts. Last we heard, he still hadn't seen the Oscar-shortlisted documentary Bill Cunningham New York, but perhaps he's warming to the spotlight a little more? We reached out to Barney's to see if Cunningham was involved with the shirt's design and will update you when we hear back.

Update, 1/16:
A Barneys rep got back to us to say Bill Cunningham gave his blessings for the shirts to be made but that, "there was no collaboration in any way and [Cunningham] was not involved." So there you go.

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