Wendy Williams' Intriguing New Solange-Jay Z Theory

by Elizabeth Thompson + Abby Schreiber

Soooooo: Wendy Williams, who is no stranger to marital "stuff," has her own theory about what went down in the Standard elevator the other night and it plays into rumors that have been swirling for years now: that Jay Z is a known Cassanova. The blind item gossip site Crazy Days and Nights  has long speculated that Hova had affairs with both Rihanna and Rita Ora and, in this clip from Williams' show this morning, she speculates with a capital "S" that one of Z's alleged former flames, designer Rachel Roy, was the reason for Solange's blow up. Even though Williams herself admits she is just fucking guessing at this point, she does bring up an interesting tidbit: Beyonce didn't wear her ring to the Nets game on Saturday night and appears to be getting her "IV" tattoo on her ring finger removed. It's all intriguing stuff, and a lot more compelling of a storyline than the Post's obnoxious narrative that Solange is just a "CRAY-Z" woman who was over-served and turned on a dime. Meanwhile, Solange has scrubbed her Instagram of all photos of her sister, which means...something. Also, Beyoncé possibly stormed out on Jay Z at Roberta's the other night so there's that, too [Ed note: Beyoncé, we hope you took that 'Fennel Fantasy' to go!].

Anywho, we look forward to never knowing the truth because the Beygency is sweeping this under the rug and off to a magical place called Abyss Island, where Tupac and Kurt Cobain are currently zip-lining with Jesus. 


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