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Five Of Our Favorite Celebs on Their First Time Getting Stoned

(Photo via Instagram) Earlier today, Demi Lovato posted a 4/20 appropriate throwback on Instagram featuring the "Disney High Class of '09." In that vein, we've dug up some more anecdotes from green-friendly celebs about the… Read Full Story
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These "Realistic Stock Photos" Of People Smoking Weed Are the Best

Photo by Darrin Harris Frisby/Drug Policy AllianceBesides offering a great excuse to cut out of work early and get high af, 4/20 is a good time to take stock of current debates happening around the… Read Full Story
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Ben & Jerry's To Release Giant Ice Cream Blunts On 4/20

Get excited, stoners living those chill type-2 lifestyles, because Ben & Jerry's are releasing their new giant ice cream burritos, or BRRR-itos, on 4/20. Watch the trailer for the massive ice cream blunts above,… Read Full Story
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Willie Nelson Is Starting His Own Marijuana Brand

Photo by David X Prutting/BFAnyc.comWillie Nelson, famed country musician, pot smoker and proud Texan Pippi Longstocking, announced during SXSW that he's starting his own pot brand: Willie's Reserve. That's right, soon in marijuana-friendly states you'll… Read Full Story
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A Tinder-like App for Potheads is Finally Here

Lonely stoners rejoice! While I personally prefer to smoke weed alone in a darkened corner of my room, a new app called High There! aims to connect cannabis lovers with a simple swipe. High There!… Read Full Story
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Watch 2 Chainz and Nancy Grace Have an Epic Debate About Pot Legalization

Last night, talking head Nancy Grace invited 2 Chainz on her show to discuss marijuana legalization in regard to "THE CHILDREN." What we learn from the debate that follows is that 2 Chainz (aka… Read Full Story

Top 10 High-jinks In the New Episodes Of High Maintenance

Critically acclaimed web series High Maintenance returned to our computer screens yesterday with three brand new episodes and the promise for more in January. For those who haven't had time to sit down and watch… Read Full Story
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Street Art Meets Weed for These Limited Edition Artist Bongs

Miley Cyrus isn't the only artist who works with bongs as a medium. Dumbo's Mighty Tanaka -- which touts itself as "an art gallery for a new generation" -- aims to highlight the underground… Read Full Story
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High Times: A 40 Year History of the World's Most Infamous Magazine

In honor of their 40th anniversary, High Times is looking back on their history as radical and necessary purveyors of counterculture. The result is a stunning book, High Times: A 40 Year History of… Read Full Story
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10 Celebrity Stoners That Should Be Waka Flocka's Official Blunt Roller

When Waka Flocka Flame announced via Instagram that he was in the market for a blunt roller hundreds of hopefuls applied for the job by tweeting the hashtag #ICanRoll. While many tried, only one was… Read Full Story
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Medical Marijuana and Why Governor Cuomo Can't Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

(Photo by Carly Otness/BFAnyc.com)The sopping wet army of ALS Ice Bucket challengers now includes 26 governors among its ranks, but one state head can't join them in good conscience. New York's Andrew Cuomo received the… Read Full Story

A Tinder for Stoners May Be Coming Soon

Image via Weed Porn DailyGetting stoned alone, in your own room with an idiosyncratic assortment of bodega carbs, is sometimes necessary. Other times, you might want to get stoned with friends but there's one small… Read Full Story
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Maureen Dowd Is Right, But She Doesn't Have to Be a Dick About It

(Photo of Maureen Dowd by Patrick McMullan/PatrickMcMullan.com)I hate to say it, but Maureen Dowd is right. I'll say it right to her. You, madam, are correct: The edibles in Colorado are way too god… Read Full Story
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Coming Out As a #StonerGirl Online: The Emergence of the Female Pot Smoker

Via Rihanna's Instagram. RIP.For guys, the mythology of The Stoner runs deep. There's Cheech and Chong, Bill and Ted, Harold and Kumar, James Franco and Seth Rogen, the dudes from Dude Where's My Car, and… Read Full Story
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10 Historic Heroes of Marijuana Legalization

Weed legalization is now an American reality. In the last year and a half since landmark legalization passed in Colorado and Washington, we've all had plenty of time to absorb the changes taking place… Read Full Story