We Play Stylist For the Spice Girls' Olympics Performance

They may not have made it to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee but the Spice Girls are getting a second go of things, as reports are in that the girl group will reunite to perform at the Olympics' Closing Ceremony (and this on the heels of news that a Spice Girls musical will be headed to London in the near future).  Aside from what songs the late '90s pop act will perform ("Spice Up Your Life," probably; "Wannabe," obviously), the biggest question is what they'll be wearing.  During their peak, the quintet became known as much for their style (with each girl rocking a different look assigned to their branded 'personalities') as for their hit songs.  In the last 16 years since their debut, Spice, the group has reunited (in 2007-2008), and the various Girls have kept themselves busy getting into heated custody disputes with Eddie Murphy, marrying hugely famous soccer players and starting successful fashion lines, doing Goodwill ambassador work and Playboy and forging forgettable solo careers. They're also grown up now, and though we long to see Ginger Spice stomping around in Hot Topic latex platform boots, we have a feeling everything will be a little more 'We Have Money Now' when they play the Olympics. A good thing. 

PAPERMAG decided to play stylist for the group (our dream job, let's be honest) and offer some suggestions for what Ginger Spice, Posh Spice, Scary Spice, Sporty Spice and Baby Spice should wear, trying to keep each singer's "look" preserved by matching it with contemporary fashions from the runways (and in most cases sticking to British designers).  

Then and Now
Ginger Spice
Dress by Vivienne Westwood; Shoes by Aruna Seth

Let's face it, Ginger Spice did more for the Union Jack than Winston Churchill, Queen Victoria and Margaret Thatcher combined (yeah, we said it). We suggest she wear a haute-er version of her famous 1997 Brit Awards outfit by pairing Vivienne Westwood's Diamond Jubilee Union Jack dress with a pair of Aruna Seth's Union Jack heels.  God save the Queen!

Then and Now
Posh Spice
Dress by Victoria Beckham; Shoes by Christian Louboutin

Posh Spice (or Victoria Beckham these days) has seemed to adopt an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" motto when it comes to fashion.  For nearly two decades, there's been a never-ending stream of short, short, short body-con dresses paired with high, high, high heels and why not?  If only we could all pop out four kids and still look like that while eating fruit plates instead of cake on our birthdays.  Now that Posh is also a respected fashion designer, it seems reasonable that she'd want to wear one of her own designs like the LBD above and we all know the gal likes her Louboutins.

Then and Now
Scary Spice
Suit by Stella McCartney (photo by David X. Prutting for Billy Farrell Agency); Shoes by Topshop

All Spice fans know that the Scary Spice uniform revolves around leopard print and we'd be devastated if she didn't show up to the Olympics in spots. She should forgo her old cut-out, boobs-out, jumpsuits in favor of a variation on this adorable leopard print suit from Stella McCartney S/S '13, paired with some platforms from Topshop that stay in theme with a pop of print on the heel.

Then and Now
Sporty Spice
Tracksuit by Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals; Shoes by Jeremy Scott for Adidas

So technically we're cheating a little by opting not to put Sporty Spice in an outfit designed by a Brit but damn, if she didn't like her Adidas tracksuits.  We're crossing our fingers that she'll go back to her roots (and it is the Olympics -- a sports tournament, hello!) and bust out some workout gear.  To add some high fashion taste in there, she should opt for a look by Jeremy Scott x Adidas and pair it with the designer's high-heeled wedge sneakers.

Then and Now
Baby Spice

Dress by McQ by Alexander McQueen; Shoes by Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

Baby Spice got her name for three things: pigtails, pink babydoll dresses and platform sneakers. A 2012 version of this might translate to something like a short, structured pink and black number from McQ by Alexander McQueen. And what could be more appropriate than pairing the whole thing with this pair of Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony platform sneakers, which she can get at the Opening Ceremony London pop-up shop?

You can tune into the closing ceremony show on August 12 to see if the girls took our advice.

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