Watch This Touching 1984 Interview Between Robin Williams and His Mother Laurie

by Abby Schreiber

Back in the '80s, Carol Burnett hosted a Mother's Day TV special called "Superstars and Their Moms" in which your favorite Reagan Era stars (Bill Cosby, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston) spent time talking about why they loved their moms so much. One of those stars featured was Robin Williams.

In this little-seen clip, above, Williams introduces us to his delightful mother, Laurie, a former model from Mississippi whom he would often credit with giving him his sense of humor. Their obvious love for each other and close bond is really sweet to watch, especially when they riff on one another during a game of tennis or talk about Laurie's famous sight-gag where she'd pull a rubber band out of her nostril. Laurie also chides him for telling the press he was a fat kid -- even showing pictures to prove he wasn't! -- and gets misty when talking about her favorite role of his, Popeye.

It's a great example of Williams' enormous talent...and where it came from.


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