Watch This 8-Year-Old Boy Shut it the Hell Down on India's Got Talent

by Elizabeth Thompson

Meet 8-year-old Akshat Singh, your new dance-piration (sorry cool guy disco sunglasses boy, you've been replaced). Here's Akshat on India's Got Talent being the best and Just. Owning. It.. [Uproxx]

Ladies and gentleman the 26 most depressing seconds ever on MSNBC: Andrea Mitcell interrupting former California congresswoman Jane Harman discussing the NSA to cut to breaking Justin Beiber arrest news. [Reddit]

All of Larry David's insults from Curb Your Enthusiasm in one supercut. We're taking "you're much, much stupid" for ourselves. [Uproxx]

Free v-tine! [Hipstercarlos]

Another free v-tine! Well I never, Leo! [LaughterKey]

BJ Novak and Mindy Kaling star in this faux snooty French film-meets-The Office trailer for Novak's new book, One More Thing. [Heeb]

Further proof that border collies are the scary-smartest dogs around: Here's a video of border collie named Bieber [no comment] learning the name of a new toy in under 1 minute. [TastefullyOffensive]

Would you like me to seduce you? [Mlkshk]

Title just flows off the tongue. [TastefullyOffensive]

See ya, suckers. [Ratsoff]

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