Watch Ratking's Ode to Canal Street, Party with them Tonight at Babycastles

by Gary Pini

Ratking's debut album, "So It Goes," is out this week, and this is their visual and musical ode to New York City's Canal Street. Then again, everything about the group is an ode to their -- and our -- hometown and there's lot riding on this album. The group's roots in both hip-hop and hardcore NYC music are evident on every track, but they're not posers or nostalgia victims. These guys are serious contenders, and they're serious about bringing something new the party.  The party starts tonight at the new Babycastles Gallery (137 West 14th Street) from 6 to 9 p.m. with a special performance by Ratking and the opening of an exhibition they co-curated with the gallery called "Sometimes We Explode."

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