Watch People Lie About Loving Fake SXSW Bands

by Elizabeth Thompson

Jimmy Kimmel took Lie Witness News to the streets of Austin and got a bunch of people to talk about how much they like bands that don't exist. [Uproxx]

<br/><br/>Awkward Moments Only Interns Understand Featuring the Muppets. [<a href="">LaughingSquid</a>]<br/>

<br/>Just an English bulldog puppy named Sophie rolling down a hill. [<a href="">LaughingSquid</a>]<br/>

<br/>Old lady trio the Golden Sisters read the lyrics to "Drunk in Love." We never talked when we had sex, what's with all this talking?" [<a href="">Jezebel</a>]

<br/><br/><br/>Thanks Joe! [<a href="">FYouNoFMe</a>]<br/><br/> <div>Seriously. [<a href="">Lulinternet</a>]<br/></div><div><br/></div>

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