Watch Nick Jonas Teach You How to Grab Your Crotch Like a Pro

by Gabby Bess

Nick Jonas has ascended the ranks of Disney boy-band fame to become one of the foremost dick-grabbers of a generation. In the tutorial, above, Nick Jonas teaches you his fool-proof method for executing the perfect crotch grab, every time. Anyone can do it -- not just ripped-as-hell, reinvented pop stars. All you need is "a hand, a crotch, and a willingness to do anything." Here's the gist of it: simply "turn to the side, profile is better, make sure your hand is ready and just go for it. That's it, that's all you need." SO easy. Now try it out for yourself! Just watch out for all the ladies that will INSTANTLY flock to you. 

And if your dick is less than grab-able, you might want to check out this gripping and really sad account of what it's like to live with a micro-penis. It makes Nick Jonas' glib crotch grabbing seem gauche and, frankly, insensitive. #teamlittledick    

But hey, choose your own penis adventure -- or both!

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