Watch Lana Del Rey's Trippy New Video for "Shades of Cool"

by Elizabeth Thompson

After a relatively really nice summer so far, it's finally starting to get not-fun hot here in New York City, making the sparkling-blue swimming pool prominently featured in Lana Del Rey's new video for Ultraviolence single "Shades of Cool" all the more alluring. But, then again, this is Lana Del Rey we're talking about, and just about anything everything in this video is alluring and exotic,  down to the bad vertical blinds. (Not to self: Should we get vertical blinds and start dating a 70-year-old who looks like Drifter Fonzie?) The video relies on Del Rey's "if it aint broke," enduring "Hollywood sadcore" aesthetic, palm trees, inappropriate men, guns, cigarettes, Mullholand Drive-esque screen fades, the whole deal. Check it out above.


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