Watch Kool A.D., Toro y Moi, and Amaze 88 bro out in "The Front"

by Gabby Bess

The music video for Kool A.D and Amaze 88's "The Front" is just pure fun. For most of the video, the three bespectacled dudes cruise through the Bay Area in a Camaro and ride to the breezy, Toro y Moi-produced beat. They're not really on the lookout for the fly honeys that they're rapping about -- they genuinely seem more interested in making each other laugh with their dance moves. 

This nod to old school, west coast rap -- along with Kool A.D.'s endearingly goofy flow -- make this a track to keep on repeat for the rest of the day. You can listen to the rest of Kool A.D.'s most recent LP, Word O.K here

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