Watch Kanye On His Travel Agent's Failed Reality Show

by Elizabeth Thompson

Though Kayne West's cameos on Keeping Up With the Kardashians have been kept to a minimum since the birth of Kimye, there was a time, it seems, with Yeezy was a bit more lax about being on reality TV. TMZ has drudged up this cameo Kanye made on the pilot of a would-be series about "the ultimate travel agent to the stars." (because WHAT?) The show follows Kanye's spectacularly coiffed travel agent, Brett Grolsch, who we see totally cruisin' in his truck, totally bookin' flights, and totally talkin' hotels. A-list travel agent-type stuff. An this clip, an amiable Kanye talks about his preference to drive short distances instead of fly-- lest he deal with annoying fans in airports -- and his trick for pretending he's on the phone when he's in public to keep people at bay. We see what you did there, Kanye. [Via Stereogum]

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