Watch Justin Vivian Bond Deliver The News, Drunk

Alex Bedder

Forget Kathy Lee and Hoda. Our new favorite, mildly inebriated news source is the multitalented Justin Vivan Bond's new web endeavorer, The Drunk News. The series features Bond informing the masses with some hard-hitting journalism, delivered in an, um, altered state. Bond weighs in on a range of current events, including everything from the political suspense of the "Fiscal Clip" to Jodie Foster's much-discussed Golden Globes coming out-there speech ("Everybody's doing think tanks! Think pieces!"), via a hilarious stream of consciousness. The whole thing is like a one-sided conversation with your drunk aunt who only half listens to NPR. Is it just us, or should Bond team up with Amanda Lepore's meteorologist talents to create the best news show of all time? We'd watch that over Be Depressed, er, Meet the Press, any day.

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