Watch Junglepussy's New Music Video, "Nah"

by Justin Moran

New York-based rapper Junglepussy released a fiery new video for the Satisfaction Guaranteed standout, "Nah," a tropical track brimming with filthy innuendos and an incredible number of food references. "I seen you eating Mickey D's, knew you ain't love yourself/ I'm up in Trader Joes, shopping cart full of health," she brags in what just might be her absolute best verse ever. In the clip, we see the towering 22-year-old bless three girls on a beach using coconut milk (naturally), get hand-fed asparagus by a half-naked model (casual), and parade down the street in a shopping cart among a crowd flailing handmade signs that read, "Gratitude" and "Wealth." Give "Nah" a watch, above.

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