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Watch James Franco Let His Fans Boss Him Around For 47 Insane Minutes


When fans are put in control of a celebrity's fate, as was the case for our #MakeJamesDo Google+ Hangout over the weekend with James Franco, things are bound to get very weird, very fast. And that's exactly what happened for 47 minutes on Saturday, as fans ordered him to perform various actions using a list of predetermined props, including, among other things, a tutu, peanut butter, puppies and kittens. Kim Karadshian's butt may have set the web ablaze, but Franco fanned the Internet's freaky flames in the most demented way possible: By submitting to the whims of strangers.

If you don't have time to watch the whole thing, we've included some stand-out moments below:

3:30: Franco does a sexy "happy birthday, Mr. President" impression of Marilyn Monroe while wearing a tutu.

15:00: He puts peanut butter in his mustache and lets a puppy lick it off.

30:00: A fan asks Franco to make out with her and things get very NSFW with a sock puppet.

41:00, and on: Things devolve into a schizo internet-come-to-life free-for-all, starring totally unimpressed female fans and a freak-out featuring a samurai sword and bananas.  

Thank you to the Beverly Hills Hilton and to the society for a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles for James' furry co-stars!

Go here to adopt:

DOLLY the puppy

ROSE the puppy

MASON the kitten

MADDIE the kitten

A very special thank you and lots of gratitude to James Franco, Anna Kooris and Amir Zia.

Directed by Molly Schiot
Director of Photography:
Michelle Lawler
Styling and props: Artemis Jafari and Cass Bugge
Sound: Adam Douglass
Production assistant: Cass Bugge
Makeup and grooming: Jamal Hammadi

Thanks as well to Google+ and the team at Pixel Corps. 

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