Watch Game of Thrones' Hodor on Family Feud. Hodor! [Uproxx]

Chris Christie joined Jimmy Kimmel last night for the Evolution of Dad Dancing. We've always been a fan of "the Belt Grabber."

Ice Cube says nice things angrily. [Uproxx]

Dean Norris, AKA Hank from Breaking Bad, has a year book photo that is just a dream come true. Everything about this, from the blonde perm to the giant, open collar, is so good. [Uproxx]

God dammit, how are we just now finding out about our favorite new blog: GiantPantsofthe30s. Those are some giant pants. [Ratsoff]

Dogs wearing panty hose will never not be funny. [LaughterKey]

Weekend GPOY. [TheClearlyDope]

Other weekend GPOY. [Mlkshk]