Watch Carrie Brownstein In Movie Some Days Are Better Than Others

Are you having Portlandia withdrawals? So are we. That's why we were excited to see a new  clip posted today on the IFC website featuring Carrie Brownstein. As we were watching it, however, we realized something seemed a In our haste, we'd neglected to read the clip's description and, when we did, we realized that the footage was actually from a new full-length feature starring Brownstein and James Mercer from The Shins. "A-O River," this is not. The film, Some Days Are Better Than Others, was written and directed by Matt McCormick and follows the interweaving tales of Katrina (Brownstein), a "twenty-something reality TV enthusiast, video diarist and animal shelter worker" and Eli (Mercer), a "mid-30s slacker who could offer a thoroughly researched social critique explaining all the reasons why he shouldn't get a job." Rounding out the cast of characters are Camille (played by Renee Roman Nose), a "socially handicapped thrift store attendant" and Otis (played by David Wodehouse), "an 84-year-old eccentric filmmaker and inventor." 

Watch the clip of Brownstein pretending to audition for a reality TV show above. Go here for more information about the movie, including screenings.


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