Watch Bradley Cooper Totally Destroy Louis CK's 'Actors' Studio' Theory

by Elizabeth Thompson

Ahaha! Watch as Bradley Cooper gets the last laugh after Louis CK, in a 2009 interview, says that students who ask questions during Inside the Actors Studio rarely go anywhere. [Jezebel]

A Little Golden Book we must have missed on our book case growing up. [Mlkshk]

How do we make this our career? [Mlkshk]

Boyfriends attempt to do their girlfriends' makeup. You are very bad at this, boyfriends! [Buzzfeed]

This woman ran the NYC half-marathon last weekend and took selfies with all of the hot guys she saw. She is our hero. [DailyDot]

Whoaaa. [RatchetMessReturns]

Oh god, this is so good. Billy Eicher, Lena Dunham and a woman who will be most of us in 30 years play "Cash Cow" in the meat packing district. [BillyEichner]

Have a great weekend! [TheRumblr]

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