Watch a Baby Be Born in a Bushwick Art Gallery + Beyonce "Countdown" Controversy in Today's Eight Items or Less

Gary Pini

1. A pregnant performance artist plans to give birth in a Brooklyn art gallery. Marni Kotak's "The Birth of Baby X" runs until November 7 at the Microscope Gallery (4 Charles Place, Bushwick).

2. Tiger Woods almost hit by a hot dog. An intoxicated fan ran up to the seventh green at the Open yesterday, tossed the hot dog and was promptly arrested. [L.A. Times]

3. Did Beyonce borrow some ideas for her new "Countdown" video from a Belgian choreographer?  Watch this comparison and decide.

4. Guns N' Roses kicked off their new world tour last week in Rio but, unfortunately, Axl Rose seems to have morphed into Meatloaf. As UpRoxx observed, "Axl looks like he prepared for the tour by eating a Krispy Kreme shop."

5. When Justin Bieber cut his bangs, a Florida company lost $100,000. They had the exclusive right to Bieber dolls, but were forced to make "unexpected production adjustments" for the 2011 Christmas shopping season. [CNN Money]

6. The Ten Best Woody Allen Jokes.

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