Was Van Gogh Just the 19th Century's Version Of Instagram?

Was Van Gogh just the "19th century version of Instagram?" #Selfie #nofilter #Movember [via Fuck Yeah Dementia]

Damn gurl, I thought you looked familiar. I really liked your set at Electric Daisy this year. [via Tall Whitney]

We just can't even handle it when the Yorkie sticks its tongue out. [via Pleated Jeans]

Bet you didn't know about the limited-edition Super Mario Lol Cats World now did ya? [via Coin Farts]

The Lisa Frank folder to end all Lisa Frank folders. [via 100 Years of Lolitude]

Guys, Ryan Lochte is into music now. [via Laughter Key]

Get ready to puke and laugh at the same time: someone leaked a CBS memo ahead of the Grammys that specifies what talent is and is not permitted to wear onscreen. Not allowed: "exposing bare fleshy under curves of the buttocks and buttock crack." Who the hell wrote this? The Dowager Countess of Grantham? [via Uproxx]

And, while the barf bag is still out, here's a Craigslist casting call for "real hipsters." Gross. (We'll still DVR that shit.) [via Jezebel]

Justin Timberlake released the cover art and tracklist for his upcoming album The 20/20 Experience and songs include things like "Spaceship Coupe," "Strawberry Bubblegum" and "Don't Hold the Wall." Make of that what you will. [via Vulture]

DIY twerk wall. [via The Clearly Dope]

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