Was That Tina Fey's Daughter On 30 Rock Last Night?

Pretty sure Tina Fey's daughter Alice made a split-second cameo on last night's 30 Rock, playing a young, over-the-top-eye-rolling Liz Lemon. [BossyPants]

Here's an official clip of Bo Obama checking out Christmas decorations around the White House. How many trees do you think he peed on during filming? (Also, isn't it the best that his markings make him look like he has leg warmers on?) [Gawker]

Britney Spears air clapping on the X-Factor. [MattStopera]

Cool ranch. [LaughingSquid]

Zuma Beach Club is the embodiment of Cool Ranch. [PizzzaTime]

Michael Jackson,a frog and Fatz from Showbiz Pizza house band Rock-afire Explosion. Date unknown.[AlsoHere]

Speechless. [FYeahDementia]

Don't just throw your tea bag in a cup when you walk in the door. Hang it up. [HexGirlfriend]

Can't...wake...up....this....morning. [Bunnyfood]

Careful, this could come back to haunt us later... [PleatedJeans]

Roasted turkey-flavored Doritos are an abomination, but if you offered these to us with a mashed potato/gravy dip, we wouldn't necessarily decline. Just being honest. [Buzzfeed]

File under Things We Always Forget: Robert Downey Jr. was on SNL when he was 20 for one season. [LaughterKey]

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