Mobama throwing some epic shade at John Boehner (or, as our mom likes to say, "John Boner" he he he) yesterday at the post-inauguration luncheon. [via Gawker]

This is delightful: Watch Al Roker lose his shit (not literally this time) -- and drop the mic -- after he's victorious in scoring a brief interview with Joe Biden during yesterday's inauguration. Al, if we met Papa Joe, we'd probably do the same. [via HuffPo]

Along those lines, this Jill Biden parody Twitter account was also really delightful during the inauguration. [via Mulaneying]

Here's Bill Clinton either photobombing Kelly Clarkson or checking out her butt. You decide. [via Uproxx]

And, speaking of photo bombs, here's Malia totally photobombing her sis when Sasha tries to snap a photo of their parents kissing. [via nymag]

There were Cheez Its served at the inaugural ball... [via Buzzfeed]

And President and Michelle Obama's first dance was to Al Green's "Let's Stay Together," as performed by Jennifer Hudson (and, if you're curious, Michelle wore a custom red chiffon and velvet Jason Wu gown, who also designed her previous inauguration dress). God, we love them so much. [via The Cut]

Here's a cat washing her face under the faucet and then drying it with a bath towel. Her hygiene is better than yours. [via Laughing Squid]

Nope. [via Coin Farts]