Waris On His "All Sex, More Sex" Collection For Yoox And Why Fashion Week is a Blessing

Alex Catarinella

The Wooly played host to a super-packed and sweaty celebration for designer Waris Ahluwalia's buzzed-about launch of his capsule collection, Dirty, for "Waris Loves You," a fun collaboration between his line, House of Waris and shopping site Yoox.com. (They just so happen to do PAPER's "look of the week," too!) The party boasted many hipper-than-thou sightings (see: Olivier Zahm, Irina Lazareanu, et al), a The Citizen's Band performance featuring Karen Elson and Sarah Sophie Flicker, and a DJ set by Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs as well as Alexander Dexter Jones. PAPERMAG chatted with the awesome man of the hour about getting up before we do, why he believes Fashion Week is like an "art show" and why he eschews the term "unisex."

How are you feeling tonight? It's quite a turn out!
I don't know, I haven't been in there yet! I feel like the appropriate thing to say is "dirty" because that's the name of the collection. I feel good, excellent, fantastic. Fan f'ing tactic! You can use any of those.

House of Waris' presentation is around the corner. How do you handle this week?
I don't drink any coffee. Since November, I've been getting up everyday at 7:30 in the morning. Everyone's gonna find this hard to believe, but I cut out going out so much. I take two, three hours for myself in the morning and I make breakfast and I go for a run or something and work my way to the studio.

And how's that working out for you?
It's beautiful. It's amazing. I can't not wake up anymore -- now it's a part of me. So that's how I do it, I suppose.

What's your inspiration for this season?
It's always the same to me. It's love and history. It's variations of that. It never changes. It's more just the this is the result of journeys and questions. It's a story. I just have one book I'm working on and it's just another chapter so the story doesn't change and it doesn't go from this to that. 

So tell me about your Yoox collaboration!
It's underwear, it's boxers, it's beach towels, it's bath towels, it's totes.

Is it unisex?
I mean, if you wanna wear panties! I don't like deciding these things for other people. I don't like the word "unisex." I like the word "all sex" or "more sex."

What type of person will like it?
Someone that's getting dirty. Everything says "more" "yes" or "now" on it. You know, it's just fun. Only someone who likes to have a good time in life. If that's not you, then this may not be for you. It's just humor.

Any shows you're excited to check out this week?
Elise Overland's skaters, Bibhu Mohapatra, Cynthia Rowley. It's an art show. It's everyone's art and passions. It's exciting. What is there to complain about? Anyone who says that says Fashion Week's awful, just say "it's okay." We're blessed. The minute we realize that, things are gonna work out.

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