Viva Vena's "Fashion Film" Is All Too Familiar

By Hazel Cills

These days, it seems like every fashion line is making "fashion films." They're usually all breathtakingly beautiful, set to great music, and are some of best styled commercials, er, we mean films we've ever seen! Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock, the designers behind Vena Cava, have always had a cheeky sense of humor when it comes to fashion so of course they've created a hilarious video for their sister line, Viva Vena, that satirizes this whole fashion film trend perfectly. Directed by Matthew Frost, the video features Lizzy Caplan putting on obscure 60's records (because they're way better than stuff today), making art, and pretending she's in a movie she "doesn't quite understand," and "learning about life." Sounds and looks like every whimsical fashion "film" ever.

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