Vanity Fair's Mitt Romney Prank Pics + A Full Look at Margiela X H&M in Today's Style Scraps

Max Kessler
The full look-book (and price break-down) of the Margiela with H&M; collection is available and oh boy, we seriously can't wait! Hop over to Vogue UK to see all of the looks, and make sure to check the spending limit on your credit card.

'90s nostalgia has officially reached its peak: you can now order a whole lot of Lisa Frank stuff from Urban Outfitters. We are slightly mortified and we will be spending the next half hour buying all of it. [via BuzzFeed]

Here's a loop of all of the promos for Oxygen's The Face, which stars Naomi Campbell, Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha. The way Naomi tells Karolina "I'm very disappointed in your choice" is more than enough to sell us. [via Fashionista]

Vanity Fair have a genius photo spoof imagining homophobic hair-cutting-era Mitt Romney pulling pranks/bullying just about everyone. No one is safe from Mitt's back-slapping, life-long-scar-leaving hi-jinx. What a cut up! [via Vanity Fair]

Today seems to be the day that all menswear look-books are released for the upcoming season. Our favorite is Jonathan Saunders -- so cute! [via Fashion Beans]

Hedi Slimane might be designing the wardrobe for The Rolling Stones' new tour. [via Elle UK]

Chanel will maybe, possibly, do e-commerce in a few years. [Fashionista via Business of Fashion]

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