Uzo Aduba's Orange Is the New Black Audition Tape Leaks

Lara Casselman
Uzo Aduba, the irresistibly sweet and somewhat batshit Suzanne Warren AKA "Crazy Eyes/" from Orange Is The New Black, has been re-imagined by Funny Or Die as virtually every character from the show, from Piper Chapman to the mute Norma, complete with respective accents, wigs, and props.

It's safe to say that Aduba was cast in the best role for her: her adaptation of Taystee is more Anna Paquin in True Blood, her Poussey more Lil Wayne (or Lil Jon) than anything, but the "leaked" audition is as enthralling as the poetic tangents her character takes, begging the question of where Uzo Aduba ends and Crazy Eyes begins. Watch below and check out our interview with her here.

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