USB Guitars + More Sandy Benefits = Eight Items Or Less

Jonah Wolf
1. Fender is releasing its first iPhone-compatible guitar. [Musicradar]

2. Milestone Film is working to restore Portrait of Jason, Shirley Clarke's 1967 cinema vérité cult-classic about a gay, black hustler. [Via Kickstarter]

3. Look at that!

4. Airbnb is
partnering with the City of New York to help find lodging for those displaced by the hurricane.

5, 6. New hurricane benefits: Kurt Andersen, Sam Lipsyte, and others will read at Littlefield in Gowanus next Wednesday, November 14, for the Red Hook Initiative. Jerry Seinfeld will perform a stand-up show for relief on December 19 at the NYCB Theater in Westbury, NY. Tickets go on sale November 30. See our roundup of Sandy benefits here. [Via Littlefield; NYT]

7. Sesame Street will air a special hurricane episode Friday.

8. Jesus Lizard/Scratch Acid singer David Yow will draw your, or your cat's, portrait. (For more artist/rockers, check out the "Sound and Vision" feature in our November issue.) [via @Chunklet]

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